Real Estate in Montenegro for Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro is a beautiful southern European country surrounded by the sea and mountain ranges, has long been a popular destination for real estate investment. This country offers a unique opportunity ...

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Montenegro is a beautiful southern European country surrounded by the sea and mountain ranges, has long been a popular destination for real estate investment. This country offers a unique opportunity to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, offering stability and security. For permanent residence Montenegro is one of the most favorable countries in Europe, and the purchase of real estate not only provides the right to easily obtain a residence permit for the whole family, but also citizenship. At the end of 2018, the country's government opened the Montenegrin Citizenship for Investment program for a period of three years and a limit of 2,000 applications from foreign investors. This prospect has sharply revived interest in this promising European country. To have citizenship of young and dynamically developing country like Montenegro has many advantages - the accession to European Union till 2025 will open an opportunity to live, work or study in any country of EU, citizens of Montenegro are provided with visa-free entry to more than 120 countries including Europe and Russia, and there is a possibility of registration of citizenship not only for themselves but also for the family members.
The procedure for obtaining citizenship of Montenegro for investment is not complicated, but there are certain conditions. The amount of investment under the program depends on the location of the project - you can invest in projects in the south as well as in the north of the country. The minimum amount of investment in projects in the north of Montenegro is 250,000 euros, in the south - 450,000 euros and to own the property must be at least 5 years. It is also necessary to make a charitable contribution of 100,000 euros to the state fund, which deals with the development of regional areas of Montenegro. And the most important criterion of the program is that those who want to obtain Montenegrin citizenship can choose real estate only from the list of state-authorized projects.

5* Hotel Breza in northern Montenegro, Kolasin

Hotel Breza is a five-star hotel located in the northern part of Montenegro in the center of Kolašin and only a 10-minute drive from the construction site of The Westin Ski Resort Kolašin. The hotel has 170 rooms, a restaurant, bar, spa and gym and is a 10-minute drive to the ski elevators.

In the project Hotel Breza for 250,000 euros you can buy a unit (hotel room) in the property and the opportunity to obtain citizenship in the program "Citizenship of Montenegro for Investment. Since Breza - a resort project, then, first of all, it is built to further rent to tourists. On April 7, 2020 this five star project, Breza Resort, has passed all stages of authorization by the authorities for the program of Montenegrin Citizenship for Investment. The hotel will have four types of rooms in total: they are double rooms of 28-58 m2 (152 units), studio-type apartments of 47-75 m2 (7 units), one-bedroom apartments of 68-85 m2 (9 units) and one two-bedroom apartment of 92.17 m2.

By purchasing a property at the Hotel Breza you get:
- a room in the hotel ownership (with a certificate of ownership)
- ability to live (15 days per year)
- 40% income from the rent of your unit (a room in the hotel)
- possibility of selling after obtaining the ownership certificate (about 2 years)
- the possibility of registration of Montenegrin citizenship

Investors will need to pay for the maintenance of the property.
The fixed amount of payments is 50 euros per square meter per year.

From 250 000 EUR
Hotel 5* Montis Mountain Resort Kolashin

Montis Mountain Resort 5-star hotel is being built in northern Montenegro in Kolasin, a popular destination for winter skiing and summer ecological holidays.

All buildings in the Montis Mountain Resort complex will be surrounded by forests and mountain massifs, but the project will be located just a 15-minute walk from the city center. Also in close proximity to the project are special walking areas and the famous cable car near the Tara River.
The hotel will have 257 rooms, a business center with a conference room, meeting rooms, a 3D movie theater, a kids club, restaurants, a pub, a pool and spa, underground parking and other amenities.
In fact, the Montis Mountain Resort hotel will be built in parallel with the implementation of the local municipality project to create a large promenade - this walking path will connect the hotel with the recreation areas and infrastructure of all local sports activities.

When you buy a property at Montis Mountain Resort for 250,000 euros or more you get:
- a room in the hotel
- rental income of 40% from the property
- opportunity to obtain Montenegrin citizenship for yourself and your family
- as an additional bonus, each owner will receive 1 week free accommodation per year at Splendid Conference & Spa Resort Budva until the completion of construction of the hotel (until 2024), as well as 4 weeks of free accommodation in the hotel Montis Mountain Resort after its opening.

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